About CTGS

CarpPro Texas Guide Service was established in 2014 and aims at introducing people to the growing carp and buffalo angling scene in the United States, as well as providing unique angling opportunities targeting rough fish species such as Buffalo and Common Carp to anglers from Texas and abroad, from all experience levels.
CarpPro Texas Guide Service is owned and operated by Austin Anderson from Dallas, Texas. Austin is 22 years old and has lived in Texas for his entire life. Austin is currently a student at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas which is located in the land of GIANT fish, the East Texas pineywoods region. Austin lives only minutes from Sam Rayburn and less than an hour from Toledo Bend, with the most well known lake in Texas, Lake Fork, a mere 2 hours away. Austin is currently majoring in Forestry and Wildlife Management at SFA, and participates in Collegiate Bass Fishing on the College BASS, FLW College Fishing, and BoatUS College trails, as well as being the President of the SFA Bass Club for 2 years. Austin prides himself in being an all-around multispecies angler, and in addition to angling for carp and buffalo, Austin is an accomplished fly fisherman, enjoys kayak fishing and fishing for everything (even carp) from his Nitro bass boat, and often targets trophy-class Texas giants such as alligator gar, redfish and catfish.
Despite his young age, Austin is a very accomplished angler and has been fishing for his entire life. He was introduced to the sport at a very early age due to the passion of his grandfather, who fueled the fire for Austin’s obsessive love for nature, the environment, and especially fish. Austin’s grandparents had a farm at Lake Texoma for a large part of his childhood, and frequently took trips to Texoma to fish for stripers and Lake Fork to fish for crappie and bass in their bass buster boat. Austin picked up fly fishing at a very young age around the Texoma area and soon became a familiar face at fly shops, fly fishing expos and fly tying classes in Dallas and all over the state. It was through fly fishing that Austin’s love for catching carp and buffalo began, from humble beginnings casting flies at rising fish from a bridge in one of the many canals networking through suburban Dallas for surface feeding carp and catfish. The fish came, of course, after attracting them by haphazardly tossing stale bread at the water making a splash, but not too much noise as to attract the ducks. These big, mysterious fish interested Austin, and he didn’t quite believe the name of “trash fish” they had been rudely given.
Austin has been fishing for carp and buffalo for 12 years, and has been employing European tactics, including bite alarms, rod pods, and distance casting rods and reels, for 8 years. He discovered European tactics through the internet on the Texas Fishing Forum’s Rough Fish Section, which at one time was a huge place for communication for some of the greatest carp anglers in the US for a time. They called this small underground congregation of anglers the “Lone Star Carp Brigade”. Austin documented his fishing adventures on the forums for many years, frequently fishing with his friend Marty Rosen. Before Austin could drive, he relied on his mom to transport him to fishing locations as well as tagging along with many fishing buddies including some phenomenal anglers such as Jonathan Allred, Ryan Daniel, Erick Maybury, Zach Van Fleet, Shane Hine, Amadeo Jaramillo, Jon Eisen, and Josef Raguro among many others. During this time, Austin built an impressive resume capturing countless massive smallmouth buffalo, common carp, mirror carp and other species. Austin along with Rick Wilson also founded the Wild Carp Club of North Texas in 2011, and was involved in organizing carp and buffalo tournaments and promoting carp fishing at bank fishing events around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Austin credits much of his angling success to his apprenticeship with the late, great American carp fishing legend Richard Somerville, who previously guided on Lake Fork. Through Richard, Austin was noticed by American fishing company USCARPPRO magazine (Now BaitPro / CarpPro) and became part of their respected Pro-Staff in 2012. Austin’s relationship with CarpPro has allowed him to travel to fish tournaments in Texas, the Carolinas, and New York.
Currently there are only a handful of carp anglers that live east of Houston, and very few people are able to travel the distances and spend the time necessary for catching the biggest carp and buffalo in Texas. Through his guide service, Austin hopes to make more opportunities available to these anglers as well as anglers who wish to travel from abroad to catch buffalo for the first time. Even if you have no prior experience in carp fishing, or if you have no fishing experience at all, but would love to catch a giant fish like you see pictured, CTGS can definitely make that happen.
CarpPro Texas Guide Service holds 4 IGFA World Records