There is a $200 deposit to reserve a date which is deducted from the overall trip cost (Example- Deposit is $200 for a half day trip, pay $300 on the day of trip)

Half day trips are $350 for 6 hours of fishing (1 or 2 anglers, $50 for each additional angler past 2)

Full day trips are $500 for 12 hours of fishing (1 or 2 anglers, $50 for each additional)

Overnight trips are $600 (includes breakfast and dinner)- 1 or 2 anglers, $50 for each additional up to 4)

Weekend trips are $700 for 3 days (includes breakfast and dinner for 2 anglers, $100 for each additional angler) Longer trips can also be accommodated as well. I have gear for up to 4 people but I can handle more if you bring your own camping gear(tent and cot)

4 Day- 3 Night trips are $800

5 Day-4 Night trips are $900

Pre-baiting on guided trips can be added for an additional fee if distance allows me to travel to the lake in advance. The pricing may vary based on gas and bait prices. For 2022-2023 prebaiting is $50 for 12 hours in advance or $100 for 24 hours in advance

I also offer Non-guided prebaiting if you would like me to bait up a spot for you to fish on your own. Please contact me for rates on non-guided prebaiting.

Trips are booked on a first come-first serve basis. Payments do not include tips for your guide. Bank angling only and catch and release only for carp & buffalo